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We have written these Terms of Use between you, as the end user of the website, and as follows:

1- That your continued use of the website means that you accept to comply with the most recent version of the conditions, so please read and agree to these terms every time you use this site.

2- If you do not agree to these terms or are unable to comply with the conditions, please do not use this website

3- Changes to the law or's actions may require changes to the conditions from time to time, so we urge you to review the terms periodically to see any such changes, and take responsibility for reading the terms and privacy policy of the site.

4- You agree to comply with all laws applicable in the country concerned with your use of the website, and acknowledge that you bear full responsibility for ensuring that you have been informed of and comply with these requirements.

5- The website can provide opportunities for users to post comments, questions, suggestions and other information on our website or via e-mail, and you guarantee the correctness of any content you have included on our website, and you agree that any user content you include on the website is not in violation of the conditions or any that contains Right to third parties, rights to confidentiality and other personal or other property rights, and not to cause any harm to any person or entity. You also agree that any content you include on the site does not contain defamation, defamation, or otherwise of unlawful behavior or immoral material and that it does not contain software viruses, advertising campaigns, commercial offers, serial messages, mass e-mail messages, or any other form of mail Randomization.

6- We do not regularly review the content of the published user, but we reserve the right (without our obligation) to monitor, revise, or remove any user content listed on our website. We assume no responsibility or liability for any user content that you post on our site. You agree to compensate for any claims that arise from any content that you have included that causes losses or damages to us or others.

7- In order to purchase any products from the website, you can either register on the site and create an account secured with the password or submit a purchase order without creating an account, that is, as a "guest".

8- Any account you create is considered a personal account for you, and you may not transfer it to any other person.

9 - The process of registering or submitting the purchase order (as a guest) is completed after you accept the terms, and the conditions apply every time you submit an order to purchase any product from our website.

10- By registering and using the website, you guarantee that the information you provided during the registration process or during the presentation of the purchase order for any product from the website as a guest or as a registered user is real, accurate and complete information in all its aspects, and undertakes to ensure that this information is updated You agree to deal with this information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

11- You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password, and you agree to assume responsibility for all activities that occur under your account and password. assumes no liability to anyone for any loss or damage that may result from any failure on your part to protect your password or account. If discovers for any reason that it is possible to breach the security or misuse of the website, then we may ask you to change your password or suspend your account without taking any responsibility for it.

12-Agree to pay the full amount due for the product as indicated during the process of submitting the purchase order, including the cost and transportation costs in connection with the purchase order, bearing in mind that all prices are indicated in Saudi riyals, unless another currency is specified otherwise.

13- In the following cases, your order may not accept (a) the product is out of stock, (b) you have not specified the payment process, (c) if there is an error in the product or the price, (d) for any other reason according to what estimated alone

In any of the above cases, we will notify you of not accepting your purchase order, and we will not bear responsibility towards you or others as a result of our decision to refuse to start or cancel the purchase order or to suspend any transaction after the order has started.

14- Some errors may occur upon request or when sending the request, in the event that you receive your purchases, it is disrupted, and you agree to cooperate fully with to resolve these matters, and you agree that has the full authority to make the appropriate decision in such cases.

15-All payments made by credit cards are subject to verification through the issuing authority. In the event that the Issuer refuses to give permission to pay, will cancel your purchase order and contact you to find an alternative payment method. is not liable if this results in delayed submission of your request.

16- We seek in to provide acceptable prices in our stores and on our website, but the price of the product on the site may differ from the price available in our stores, whether increase or decrease.

17- In order for to take the necessary steps to deliver any products that I have purchased to you, you bear the sole responsibility for providing the correct and accurate data, and we do not bear any responsibility for the delay in receiving, losing, or losing your order as a result of providing us with false or incomplete information.

18-All of our products are subject to inspection and make sure they are free from defects before sending them to you, and in case you received a product whose condition is not perfect, please write to us immediately and arrange to return the defective product to us.

19- is only a middleman between the merchant of the commodity and the buyer of the commodity, and does not warrant any product that may misuse trademarks in any way.

20. When you buy the product, you acknowledge your full and comprehensive knowledge about the product and its specifications.

21. You may bear the shipping costs in the event that you caused the return or damage of the product or if you didn't receive the shipment when it arrived at the final destination. makes every effort to display the colors of the products displayed on the website as accurately as possible. However, given that the computers and the tour screens differ from each other, cannot guarantee that your screen will display each color accurately. makes an effort to describe and name products on the site and to determine their sizes, however, the description of some products, their names and their sizes may not be without some errors mentioned sometimes.

24-Although makes an effort to prevent any viruses or malicious code from reaching the site, we do not guarantee that the website will be free of damaging features, and we are not responsible for any damages or damages caused by your use of our site.

25-You acknowledge that your purchases on the website are subject to the customs laws of the country to which the product is shipped, and you agree upon purchasing from the website to abide by the customs laws and rules applied in the country of delivery, and that their customs costs and follow-up fall under your responsibility.

We thank you for your cooperation with us, and we hope that you find this website useful and appropriate to use.